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LGBTQ Health Resources: Websites

Health care resources for LGBTQ community


Local Resources in the Kansas City Area

Health Care Information

Find a LGBTQ Healthcare Provider/Health Clinic: From the CDC

Gay Lesbian Medical Association: A referral directory

AAMC LGBT resource: Medical educators on LGBT (.pdf)

Association of Gay and Lesbian Psychiatrists: A provider directory

Center of Excellence for Transgender Health: Increasing access to comprehensive healthcare for transgender communities

CDC - LGBT Health: LGBT Health Topics from the Centers for Disease Control

CATCH Tool Kit: Coalitions in Action for Transgender Community Health

Healthcare Equality Index: From the Human Rights Campaign, the national tool for measuring equality in healthcare facilities. 

Kaiser Family Foundation- LGBT issues: A 2018 issue brief reflecting changes in legal and policy landscape

LGBT Caregiver: Support guide from the Alzheimer's Association

LGBT-Healthy-People: Improve the health, safety and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals by 2020

National Alliance on Mental Illness: LGBTQ mental health information

National LGBT Cancer Network: Programs and resources

National LGBT Health Education Center: LGBT health education resources from the Fenway Institute

Out for Health: LGBT health and wellness information

Task Force Survey: Statistics on LGBT issues (.pdf)

Top Health Issues for LGBT Populations: Information and resource kit

US Department of Veterans Affairs: Policies and resources relating to LGBT veterans within the Veterans Health Administration (VHA).

WPATH: World Professional Association on Transgender Health