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Classes and Tutorials offered by the KCU Libraries to help students, staff, and faculty with conducting research, using library resources, and more.

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The KCU Libraries offers a wide variety of classes designed to assist users in developing skills in research, information management, and using specific library resources.

Classes and individual sessions can be scheduled by contacting:

  • Sara Mostinger at the D'Angelo Library (Kansas City Campus)
  • Bonnie Turner at the Dawson Library (Joplin Campus)


Classes We Offer

  • Library Medical Informatics (OMSI) – This is designed as a general information class and introduction to the library for first-year students.
  • Database Refresher Class (OMSII) – This is required for students prior to beginning their first clinical clerkship year.
  • Bioethics Introduction to Library Resources
  • College of Biosciences Introduction to Library Resources and Research
  • Anatomy Fellows Research Class
  • OMT Fellows Research Specific Class
  • New Faculty Orientation to Library Resources
  • Introduction to PubMed
  • Introduction to Research
  • What’s New in Library Resources
  • Ovid and PubMed Tips for Research
  • Where to Publish My Article? Impact Factors and How to Find Them
  • Medical Statistics Resources
  • Utilizing Library Resources (designed for faculty/staff)
  • E-Portfolios in Medical Education (designed for faculty/staff)
  • Database Specific Classes

Database Tutorials

Online Tutorials