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June 2020

June 2020, Volume 6

New Library Guide: Racism in Medicine Resources

Current events have brought to light the need for more than simply being non-racist. Not being racist means you don't hold a belief that people are less than because of race or ethnicity. Anti-racism is the practice of actively opposing racism and promoting racial tolerance. Being not racist is not enough to correct the injustices done because it does not actively try to fix systemic racism as a whole. Like racism and systemic racism, the difference between non-racist and anti-racist is belief versus action. Believing that racism is wrong is not the same as addressing the wrongs, which is why experts in the field push for anti-racism over non-racism.

This library guide contains resources from the KCU Libraries catalog, as well as other highly recommended books and resources from experts in the field of racism, social inequality, and anti-racism. If you have any recommendations for these lists, please email 

Recently Published Work from KCU Faculty, Staff and Students

undefinedFrank DeStefano, COM 2022 published in World Neurosurgery: "Virtual Reality in Neurosurgery: "Can You See It?" A Review of the Current Applications and Future Potential"

Muhammad Khalid, Adjunct Associate Professor, Basic Sciences published in Cureus: Ivabradine in Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome: A Review of the Literature

Michael Kortz, COM 2021 published in StatPearls: “Anatomy, Head and Neck, Posterior Cervical Nerve Plexus

Jamie Shah, COM 2021 published in StatPearls: "Anatomy, Head and Neck, Asterion

undefinedThis month's new Notes from the Library Archives, written by Robyn Oro, Access Services/Special Collections Coordinator, is entitled "They Fought Against Racism in Medicine." It highlights stories about the first Black graduate of Kansas City College of Osteopathy and Surgery (now KCU), as well as stories about the integration of Kansas City's hospitals. 

Read it here. 

Recently finalized, find the Required Textbook list for the 2020-2021 academic year by clicking this link

We are living through history as we all work through and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic at Kansas City University. As the historical repository for the University, your library is working to assemble our stories from this challenging time, preserve them, and make them available for future research and study. Please join us in submitting your COVID-19 story to library's historical archive!

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